How to Add A React Gradient Background to Your Site

by Silvia O'Dwyer | August 30, 2023

Welcome! In this tutorial, we're going to be taking a look at how to create a gradient background that you can add to your React project or site.

Here's the gradient background that we'll be creating:

Let's get started!

1. Create Background Element

Firstly, open up the file that contains the React component where you want to add the background. 

Next, create the HTML element which will contain the gradient background. For this tutorial, I've created a div element, which has a className of "gradient_background" added to it.

<div className='gradient_background'></div>

2. Add A CSS Gradient

Now it's time to add the CSS which will create the background.

In the example CSS below, a linear gradient is added, and the height and width of the background is set to 100vh and 100vw. This will ensure the background takes up the full width and height of the screen, perfect if you want to use it as a full-screen background!

.gradient_background {
  background: linear-gradient(90deg, #0062ff, #da61ff);
  height: 100vh;
  width: 100vw;

Here's what the gradient background looks like:

If you'd like to discover how to animate this gradient, then be sure to take a look at my guide to animating gradients here.


Thanks very much for taking a look at this guide, I hope that you've found it useful for helping you create React gradient backgrounds!

I'd also recommend trying out different variations of the example above, as there are so many cool possibilities you could create, from gradients with pinks and purples, to those with cool greens and blue tones. 

Gradient backgrounds have been quite popular in web design, with lots of websites incorporating these into landing hero sections, call-to-action sections and much more. 

If you'd like other cool backgrounds (including animated particle effects) to add to your site, then be sure to take a look at my background library here, which contains over 100 backgrounds you can use in your projects and websites.

I've also created a collection of useful Tailwind gradients here, which could be useful if you use the Tailwind CSS framework for your React applications.

Thanks again for reading!

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