Tailwind Gradients

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Pastel Gradients

Tailwind Gradient Collection

If you'd like to add one of the Tailwind gradients to your web project, just click on the 'Copy' button underneath the gradient you'd like to copy. The Tailwind classnames will then be copied to your clipboard.

You can also preview the example by clicking on the gradient, and it will then display full-screen so that you can preview how it would look as a background, for instance.

These gradients can be useful in a variety of contexts, including for website backgrounds, text, login screen backgrounds, buttons, and so much more. I'd definitely recommend trying out different variations too, in order to see which work best for your website.

There are two categories of gradients available, including bright, vibrant examples, as well as more subtle, pastel examples. The pastel variations could be useful as minimalist website backgrounds, but if you'd like a more bright, vibrant background, be sure to take a look at the gradients in the first category.